What really needs ironing? The lowdown

What really needs ironing? The lowdown

Ironing is officially Britain's most-hated household chore, according to a YouGov survey carried out in 2017. But whether you despise it or find it strangely relaxing, it's a task that needs to be done.

Do you really need to iron everything, though? Some people are of the view that a crease needs to be pressed into just about every garment, while others spend their time praying that no one will notice their slightly ruffled look.

Here, we give our verdict on those items that tend to ignite the 'to iron or not to iron' debate:


Of course, it all comes down to personal choice, but we think you really don't need to iron your pyjamas. Obviously, you can if you like, and if it makes you feel a little neater at bedtime - creased, messy-looking clothes can have an adverse effect on some people's mood - then go for it.

But remember that no one's going to see your pyjamas except for your partner and family, or maybe your flatmates, and they're not going to be judging how well-ironed they are. Life's much too short for ironing PJs in our eyes, and they're only going to get creased when you move around during the night anyway.

Do you really need to iron everything?

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If you do want to give yourself the illusion of having freshly ironed pyjamas though, spray a little of our Fresh Linen Room Spray in your bedroom before you go to sleep to fill the air with the scent of cotton flower and mimosa, making you feel a little more put-together.


Underwear is something else that really doesn't need ironing - who's going to see it? Of course, your partner might, but are they really going to expect your pants to be crease-free after a day of wearing them under your trousers?

When you're sorting your laundry, simply place all underwear and socks into a separate pile to put away later - you'll be surprised by just how much your ironing pile goes down, making the task seem much less burdensome.


The question of whether bedding should be ironed or not is another divisive topic. A bedroom does look so much neater with an ironed duvet and pillowcases, but quilt covers can be quite tricky to iron due to their sheer size.

If having a tidy-looking bedroom is really important to you, then it's worth the effort. But if you don't mind how crumpled your bed sheets look, save yourself the task and place one of our Fresh Linen Reed Diffusers on your windowsill instead. It will fill the room with its gorgeous freshly laundered scent, so anyone who steps inside will think you're on top of your ironing, even if you're not at all.

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