What’s the difference between our soaps?

What's the difference between our soaps?

We've become well-known for our stunning soaps, which are made using only natural and effective ingredients. Our soaps are not like any others you'll find on the market as they are made in a traditional way and contain no additives, such as detergents or natural colouring.

What you may not know is that we have several different types of soap for you to choose from, which have a few differences beyond scent.

Traditional soap

One of our most popular choices is our traditional soap, which you'll probably recognise due to the brightly coloured boxes. These are made using the cold processed method - which you can learn about here - with each one having different properties.

This means every variation offers different benefits to your skin, with some being great for dry skin, while others are perfect for troubled or oily complexions. 

On top of this, they all have a fresh, natural fragrance, which is a result of the essential oils and natural additives - such as madder root and turmeric for colour, and nettle leaf and poppy seeds for texture.

These are made in big blocks, which are then weighed and cut by hand before being packaged up in boxes, brick form or for gifts sets. Not one piece of the soap is wasted, which also means it's great for the environment. 

Organic Soap 

No matter what soap you choose, you will have a beautiful product

The other form of solid soap we make is our organic soap bars. These have a different look to our varieties of traditional soap, but they are just as lovely to smell and use.

All of the ingredients that go into our organic soap bars are 100 per cent certified organic, so you know they are just chock full of goodness. They are also triple milled, so are super fine and luxurious, creating a soft and beautiful lather. 

We don't add colouring to our organic soap bars, so they are all similar creamy white colours. However, the shades may alter slightly due to the natural ingredients we use, which can be affected by a number of things.

The shape of the bars is also different as these soap bars are made in individual moulds rather than in big blocks. They are then wrapped in paper by hand and boxed into our recognisable cream and black boxes. 

We package them like this because they feature scents from our classic range and so all the products in this range are created in the same style, which means each fragrance family has a cohesive look. 

No matter what soap you choose, you will have a beautiful product.