What’s the worst that can happen? Heyland & Whittle solves your ‘what if’ moments

What’s the worst that can happen? Heyland & Whittle solves your 'what if' moments

Everyone has worries and sometimes it can be hard to suppress the “what if” thoughts that run around your head at unexpected moments. We’re here to help ease your day-to-day life and reassure you that even through times of great change or stress, Heyland & Whittle has got your back.

What if... you're moving to another country and are worrying about home sickness?

It’s pretty exciting that your plans for the new year involve a big move, but it’s only natural to feel a tad nervous. It’s amazing how evocative the power of smell can be and we recommend you pop a little bit of your favourite Heyland & Whittle fragrance in your boxes.

There’s various ways to make your new abode smell like home, whether you opt for one of our seductive Candles, a Reed Diffuser or a Scented Room Sachet. Circulate the fragrance as soon as you arrive to make your new surroundings feel less alien and more welcoming.

Packing a suitcase

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What if... you're travelling the world in 2020 and don't know what to pack?

After the initial buzz of booking an adventure and deciding on destinations, you’ve got to get down to the minutiae of logistics. Luckily, here at Heyland & Whittle we’ve got you covered when it comes to handy solutions for your body and hair care on the road.

Nothing could be handier than our Hydrating Shampoo Bar, which guarantees no disheartening spills waiting for you in your luggage when you unpack. And don’t worry chaps, we’ve got a special one for you too. Grab an Exfoliating Sisal Soap Bag while you’re at it to keep your skin soft and beautifully scented throughout your trip.

What if... you've run out of perfume and are meeting old friends?

Heyland & Whittle is on hand to help you cope with all sorts of situations, from big moves to unexpected guests.

We’ve all had that heart sinking moment when you reach for your perfume bottle for a quick spritz only to find that it’s empty. What’s more, it always seems to happen at exactly the wrong moment, like when you’re meeting up with friends you haven’t seen for a really long time.

A great cheat is to use one of our Hand Creams instead. These wonderful formulas are so aromatic you can pop a bit on your decolletage and waft into the restaurant smelling deliciously of Clementine & Prosecco or Neroli & Rose without anyone realising it’s not the perfume you were intending to use. Finally, slip the tube into your handbag for a top up if necessary.

Selling a house

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What if... you're trying to sell your house and want to give it an extra selling point?

If you’re trying to sell a property, then you’ve probably heard all the tricks about baking bread and painting over bold design choices with magnolia paint. Any little extra to help tempt a buyer is worth the effort and it’s all about creating a vibe and a sense that your house is a place to fall in love with.

Think about the fragrance profile you’d like to meet prospective buyers as they walk through the door and enact it with Reed Diffusers and Scented Room Sachets. If you choose more than one scent for the different rooms, make sure they complement each other so there’s no jarring between notes. Upstairs, spritz a little Fresh Linen Room Spray in the bedrooms to neutralise any odours and emphasise the calmness of the space.

What if... you've got an unexpected guest and there isn't enough time to air the spare room?

Our Home Solutions range is a great place to turn for those 'what if' moments and The Open Window Candle in a Tin is perfect for when guests arrive unexpectedly. The chances are the spare room hasn’t been used in a little while and despite fresh sheets it needs a little bit more to make it feel welcoming.

Instead of opening an actual window and making the room too cool when your visitors arrive, light this fragrant candle instead. The room will feel fresh, but also cosy, solving two problems in one go, leaving you free to put the kettle on and catch up with your friends.

To prepare for any eventuality, shop the Heyland & Whittle collection here.