Which scent will your mum love?

Which scent will your mum love?

Mother's Day (March 26th) is on its way so if you haven't considered what you're going to treat your mum to, it's time to start thinking about it. As well as giving her a card - hopefully one that hasn't been chosen at the last minute - it's nice to get her a little treat. 

Whether she likes beauty products, can't get enough of home fragrance or is a big fan of candles, we've got fantastic options that she's sure to love receiving on Mothering Sunday. But even if you know what type of gift she'd like, how do you pick a fragrance?

This is often the hardest part, as scent is so incredibly personal. Even if you know exactly the type of fragrances your mum loves, it can be difficult to pick one as you want to ensure it is exactly right.

To help you out and ensure your mum gets a gift she'll like, here are some of our most popular scents and who might like them:

Floral fans

There are a lot of choices when it comes to floral fragrances, which can be both good and bad. Even if your mum loves flower scents, she may not want one that is too overpowering. We have a range of different floral options that combine different notes to keep them light and to complement the flowers they feature. 

For a fragrance like that of an English summer garden, you can't go wrong with our Neroli and Rose products. This range features beautifully floral rose with neroli to give the fragrance sparkling top notes of orange blossom. It's a delicate choice that is ideal for home fragrance and beauty.

Choosing a fragrance is the hardest part, as scent is so incredibly personal

Alternatively, fans of lavender are sure to love both our Citrus and Lavender products and our Lavender scent from our Home range. These are two different scents that are absolutely beautiful. Lavender and Citrus is fresh with lavender undertones, while the Lavender Home scent is much smokier.

Fresh and fruity

If you think your mum might like something a bit fresher, citrus notes could be the perfect option. Scents that make the most of beautiful citrus fruits are incredibly invigorating and are perfect for springtime. 

One of our best-selling fragrances - and for good reason - is Green Tea and Grapefruit, which combines the beautiful freshness of grapefruit with Oriental and slightly earthy notes of green tea. The delicate scent is wonderfully refreshing whether you use it in a reed diffuser or soak in a bubble bath.

A really fresh scent that your mum may love is Wild Lemongrass, which delivers exactly the fragrance that it says on the packaging. Smelling just like fresh lemongrass, it is incredibly invigorating. 

A touch of sweetness

We don't leave out those who like sweet scents either, as we have a nice mix of sweeter fragrances that are far from sickly. As well as the products in our new H&W London range, we also have our hugely popular Clementine and Prosecco products. 

Since launching this scent, people just can't get enough of it. It combines sweet citrus notes with those of sparkling wine, apple, pear, peach and sugar to create a complex and beautiful fragrance. The idea of giving something that includes prosecco is also a great way to celebrate Mother's Day.

Alternatively, give the delicate but beautiful Cherry Blossom, which combines subtle and slightly floral cherry blossom with vanilla and warm amber to create a really lovely springtime scent.

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