Why do you need a reed diffuser this summer?

Why do you need a reed diffuser this summer?

When the weather is hot during the summer, it can soon leave your home feeling a bit stuffy. As well as this feeling being generally uncomfortable, it can also leave rooms smelling a bit musty.

While you can solve this by lighting a candle when you get home, which will fill your home with your favourite scent, it is a good idea to use home fragrance solutions that leave your house smelling constantly clean and fresh.

This is why reed diffusers are the perfect option for the summer, as they deliver constant scent that ensures you walk into a room that smells amazing, rather than having to wait for other forms of home fragrance to get to work. 

Reed diffusers are the perfect option for summer

Reed diffusers offer a continual scent that creates a lovely background fragrance. They aren't too strong and will easily fill an entire room with your favourite smell without you having to do much at all.

In fact, all you need to do is take the top off your diffuser, pop your reeds in, spread them out to ensure good fragrance throw and let it get to work. It is a good idea to turn the reeds over every now and then to stop them drying out and to make sure the scent is still being released.

Each of our reed diffusers lasts up to three months, which means you can enjoy them for the entire summer. If they run out and you want to stick to the same fragrance, you can purchase diffuser refills and replacement reeds to top your diffuser up and keep the scent fresh.

Just be sure you don't put your reed diffuser in direct sunlight as this will cause it to evaporate faster. However, it should be positioned somewhere that allows it to fill the entire room with scent. That way, you really make the most of it.

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