Why should you use more essential oils?

Why should you use more essential oils?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for so many things. From medicine to skincare and home fragrances, various essential oils have been used for a variety of properties that are still hugely relevant today and mean you should definitely be using more of them. 

At Heyland and Whittle, we make use of essentials oils in as many of our products as possible. We know how great they can be and understand that synthetic fragrances and ingredients don't come close to matching the benefits of essential oils.

If you don't believe us when we say you need to be using essential oils more, have a look at these benefits and then make up your mind:

Mood enhancing

Fragrance plays a strong part in balancing moods and essential oils offer the best option when it comes to helping you relax or giving you a lift. Aromatherapists have used essential oils in this way for years beyond count because various oils offer different properties.

Oils like bergamot, peppermint and grapefruit can all be brilliant at lifting your mood, while patchouli, lavender and ylang ylang can help you relax. Of course, there's plenty of other emotional responses to fragrances too, so it's a good idea to experiment with essential oil blends to find your favourite options.

We use essential oils in as many of our products as possible

You can do this easily with our handmade candles, which combine different scents to create stunning fragrances that will fill your home from the moment they're lit.


If you suffer from acne or the occasional breakout, skincare products that contain essential oils - such as our traditional soaps - can help. Essential oils are natural antibacterials, helping to gently but deeply cleanse the skin and fight off any bacteria that could result in spots.

This also means they are great for using on cuts to ensure they are clean and don't become infected, making them ideal to have to hand if you have accident-prone little ones running around!


Another bonus for skincare when it comes to essential oils is the fact they are great at fighting fine lines and wrinkles. They are deeply moisturising, ensuring moisture reaches deep into your skin, which helps to plump it up and improve collagen production. 

Combined with a healthy diet and plenty of water on a daily basis, essential oils could help you look as young as you feel for a long time. Try our body lotions for supreme moisturisation and stunning fragrances.


The fact that essential oils are natural means you don't need to worry about additives or synthetic fragrances, which could contain ingredients that aren't great for your skin or health. We keep our products as natural as possible, making sure we use essential oils whenever we can.

To enjoy the benefits of essential oils, explore our full fragrance range here