Why staying in might be better than going out this Valentine’s Day

Why staying in might be better than going out this Valentine’s Day

There’s lots of pressure on couples to have the perfect Valentine’s Day and that can often mean jostling for a table in a busy restaurant and grand declarations of love. Here at Heyland and Whittle we like to do things a little differently. Don’t get us wrong, we take the international day of love very seriously, but for us, it’s all about staying in, not going out.

Just the two of you

If Valentine’s Day is about your love for each other, then you don’t want to be interrupted by the waiter every few minutes or be aware that you’ve only got the table for a certain amount of time. At home, you can enjoy the luxury of some one-on-one time.

Don’t witness awkward dates

Going out on February 14th means seeing lots of other couples at very different stages in their relationships. You might be sat next to a table where there’s an awkward date or even an argument going on and no matter how hushed the voices, that can really put a dampener on your own evening.

No need for a babysitter

Getting a babysitter for Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one, as everybody knows it’s a night when couples want to be together. Once the children have gone to bed, you can enjoy the evening together safe in the knowledge that you haven’t spoilt anyone else’s evening.

Bath together

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Your home is your sanctuary

When you’ve made your home so cosy and warm, what’s the point of going out and being surrounded by lots of other people?

We all spend a lot of time making our homes into cosy and comfortable spaces that we love being in. Why then would we opt to go elsewhere on a special night of the year? Up the romance with a Sweet Pea and Rose Candle in a Glass or a soak in the tub together with the indulgent scent of a Clementine and Prosecco Bath Melt to make it even more special.

Get into your pyjamas

Getting dressed up is all well and good, but most of us have to do it on a daily basis for work, so it doesn’t feel that special. It’s actually more of a treat to cosy up in your pyjamas or a onesie and feel comfortable with your other half knowing that you’ve got a good boxset ready to go.

Eat and drink exactly what you like

When you go out to eat you’re paying for the premises and the waiting staff, but if you eat in you can spend more on your food and drink. We’re not saying that you have to cook, but you can opt for a more expensive bottle of wine to go with your favourite takeaway or mix up some delicious cocktails to drink at home.


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Embrace Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be tough if you’re not in a couple, so staying in represents a great way to celebrate the other important relationships in your life. February 13th is officially Galentine’s Day, so get your best friends around you and get cosy at home with them instead. We’re sure they’d appreciate a Bed of Roses Soap in a Hat Box each too.

Whether you’re buying for your significant other or your best friends this Valentine’s Day, take a look at the full range of products from Heyland and Whittle here.