Why we love using grapefruit in our fragrances

Why we love using grapefruit in our fragrances

We've got various different types of fragrances available across both our Home and Classic ranges, but one that we really love is fresh citrus. This type of scent is ideal for the summer months because it can make everything seem bright and clean.

One of our favourite ingredients for creating this type of fragrance is grapefruit. 

Not only does grapefruit essential oil smell amazing, it also offers a number of benefits that you can make the most of by enjoying our Grapefruit Home products or Greentea and Grapefruit scent.

Here are some of the reasons we love using grapefruit in our products:

Mood boosting

Adding home fragrance products to your house that use grapefruit can help to boost your mood. You can change a bad mood or make your brain feel less tired by enjoying a burst of grapefruit scent.

Grapefruit is ideal for creating fresh, clean scents

This means that grapefruit is the ideal choice for room mists, as you can spritz a room a couple of times to help transform your mood. 

Clean smell

Fresh, citrus scents help your home to feel nice and clean, which is perfect when the hot summer weather is leaving you feeling a bit muggy. Walking into a room scented with grapefruit will help you feel fresh and ready for anything.

To make the most of this effect, add a Grapefruit Reed Diffuser to your home this summer, which will allow you to enjoy a clean fragrance all season long.

Instantly refreshing

Whether you've had a long day, struggle to wake up in the morning or just need to cool down, a soap that features grapefruit essential oil will certainly do the trick. Not only is the oil great for deep cleaning and lifting all dirt and excess oil from your skin, the scent will instantly refresh you. 

Our Citrus Grove Soap is just the thing, as it combines grapefruit with other citrus oils to create an effective cleanser that also smells amazing. In fact, using the soap in the morning will leave your bathroom smelling great for a few hours. 

To make the most of grapefruit fragrances this summer, find your perfect products here