Winter Spice: The smell of Christmas

Winter Spice: The smell of Christmas

What does Christmas smell like to you? It's the sweet yet spicy scent of mincemeat as you open the jar ready to fill your home-baked mince pies; the cloves, cinnamon and citrus fruit in a hot cup of mulled wine; the powerful fragrance of fruit-packed Christmas cake, fresh out of the oven; the tangy burst of the orange at the bottom of your stocking as you peel it open.

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The aromas we smell at Christmas time are extremely powerful at conjuring up memories of Christmases past - scents we perhaps wish we could bottle in a capsule and sniff every time we need to feel cosy and comforted, even when it's no longer winter.

Well, this is exactly what we've tried to do with our Winter Spice fragrance, which we believe smells just like Christmas itself. All of those scents from the mulled wine spices to freshly-baked Christmas cake can be found in the products in our Winter Spice range - the perfect addition to your festive decorations.

Our Winter Spice range - the perfect addition to your festive decorations

Our Winter Spice Reed Diffuser and Winter Spice Candle in a Tin provide the perfect festive fragrances for your home - add one of these to your Christmas dinner table for an extra sensual dining experience, thanks to its beautifully heady mix of citrus and spices.

Alternatively, wash with our Winter Spice Soap Bar in the mornings so that the scent of Christmas follows you around all day long, while you put in your hours in the office and count down the days until Santa's arrival.

A long relaxing soak in the bath on Christmas Eve accompanied by the Winter Spice Candle in a Glass and with the Winter Spice Soap Bar would be the perfect treat after all that last-minute shopping and wrapping, before slipping into new cosy pyjamas. There's no more appropriate way to wake up smelling on Christmas morning.

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Winter Spice joins the equally festive Frankincense and Myrrh fragrances in our 2017 Celebration Collection.

Our Clementine & Prosecco fragrance is another gorgeous citrusy scent for the festive party season. Check out the collection here