Would you take your pet to work with you?

Would you take your pet to work with you?

Do you think you'd benefit from taking your pet to work with you? Well, tomorrow (Friday June 22nd) is officially Bring Your Dog to Work Day, which will see workers across the UK taking their pet pooches into the office to help raise money for the charity All Dogs Matter.

As well as being for a good cause, the day provides the chance for people to have a fun Friday at work with some four-legged company, which will certainly help to make any scheduled meetings a little more interesting!

So, are you brave enough to join in with Bring Your Dog to Work Day? If you're struggling to make your mind up over whether or not to take your pooch into the office, here's a look at why it could (and might not) be a great idea:

Why you should take your dog to work

Not only does a flurry of dogs in the office make for some excellent photo opportunities for your company's social media accounts - using the hashtag #bringyourdogtoworkday, of course - but it could also help to boost everyone's mood in the workplace.

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Are you brave enough to join in with Bring Your Dog to Work Day?

Back in 2012, scientists from Virginia Commonwealth University in the US carried out a study focused on an organisation where employees were allowed to take their dogs into work. They found that workers who had their four-legged friends around tended to be significantly less stressed, and that morale was generally high in the office.

Having dogs around provided plenty of opportunity for laughter and conversation, which in turn helped to strengthen working relationships, creating an all-round more positive working environment.

What to consider before taking your pup to the office

If you've got a particularly young puppy or your pooch tends to get over-excited around lots of people or when they're in a new environment, then it's probably wise not to join in with Bring Your Dog to Work Day yourself. Of course, you can still donate to charity, and delight in having your colleagues' dogs around for the day.

It's also worth thinking about the state that your office could get in after it's been visited by an influx of pooches - make sure there's nothing breakable around and that the floor is clean so there are no sore paws, and ensure you've got our Whiff Away products handy to get your workspace back in order before Monday morning.

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