A match made in Cornwall: Why Seasalt chose H&W

A match made in Cornwall: Why Seasalt chose H&W

Heyland and Whittle has been lucky enough to work with some fantastic brands over the year, helping to create stunning fragrance ranges. This is why we're happy to have the opportunity to work with Cornish brand Seasalt on a new range of home and beauty products.

To find out a bit more about Seasalt and why they wanted to work with us, we headed to their base of operations in the beautiful town of Falmouth, Cornwall for a chat with Neil Chadwick; one of the founders of the company.

While Seasalt is a Cornish brand and started out in the south-western county, it has grown throughout the rest of England, with the most northern shop soon opening in Chester. You can find 28 other Seasalt stores in England, as well as exclusive collections at 28 John Lewis stores.

Seasalt started out in the summer of 1981 when the Chadwick family headed to Penzance to buy waterproof jackets. They ended up walking away with a business, which is where the Seasalt story began.

The first garments created by the company were designed for sailors, farmers and fishermen. It is these influences that are still visible in all of their collections today, as well as their commitment to quality and functionality.

These aren't the only influences though, as Neil told us that "Our products reflect the creative and maritime heritage of the place we love: Cornwall.' This means that Seasalt's designers look to the stunning Cornish landscape, as well as the people who live in the county.

Seasalt looks to Cornwall's writers, sculptors, artists and potters to help inspire its iconic prints and the beautiful colours used throughout each collection. This has resulted in clothing, accessories and homewares that are instantly recognisable for their creative approaches and soft nautical influences. 

On top of the fantastic products, Seasalt also offers outstanding service, listening to their customers and taking tips from their feedback. This is exactly how we ended up working with them.

When we asked Neil why they started looking at branching out to fragrance products, he told us simply that they were what their customers have been asking for. As the brand has continued to branch out from clothing, creating a fantastic home range that includes blankets, aprons, towels, oven gloves and pottery; it became clear that home fragrance and beauty products were a natural extension. 

"H&W is honest and open with incredible products and lovely quality - just like Seasalt"

According to Neil, one of the reasons they approached H&W was because his family had used our products before. He told us: "Sophie, my wife and co-founder and Seasalt's textile designer, has used Heyland and Whittle products for years and absolutely loves them."Heyland and Whittle products for years and absolutely loves them."

This, along with the fact that H&W is "honest and open with incredible products and lovely quality - just like Seasalt" is what led to our collaboration - which we are incredibly happy about!

With a clear idea as to the types of fragrance products they wanted to add to their collection, Seasalt looked to Cornwall to once again provide inspiration, this time for the scents themselves.

When asked what inspired each of the three fragrances, Neil said: We wanted the fragrances to reflect the places we love. All of the fragrances are reminiscent of actual Cornish places. You can find the story and inspiration for each scent on all of the different products."

This resulted in three very different fragrances: Sea Breeze, Rose and Lemon Verbena. These were inspired by Sennen, Roseland and Lamorna and are each available in individual soaps, candles, reed diffusers, a bath melt gift set and a soap gift set. You can learn more about each of the fragrances here. 

But it isn't just the fragrances that make these products so special, they also feature some of Seasalt's stunning designs. All of the packaging showcases the brand's iconic style, which was just as important as getting the scents right.

"The design of the range had the same inspiration as the rest of our products," said Neil. "The textile designs of Sophie were a key factor and all the packaging is designed by her. The fragrances and product design work beautifully together."

This means that each of the products really does bring a little piece of Cornwall into your home, through both fragrance and style. Something that will be easier to do in the future, as Neil has told us they are already considering ways in which the range could be extended.

As he told us, exciting times ahead... 

To help you enjoy the new scents, you can get free P&P on all products in the range until October 31st using the code 'seasalt'.