A new year: Heyland and Whittle in 2018 and 2019

A new year: Heyland and Whittle in 2018 and 2019

Last year was an eventful one for Heyland & Whittle; for a start, we celebrated our 15th birthday, giving us a lovely opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come since launching in 2003. We also discovered new favourite scents and saw the return of some much-loved fragrances from the past.

Not ones to sit back on our laurels, however, 2019 looks set to be an exciting year for Heyland and Whittle too. There will be all sorts of new product launches and we’ve even got an early prediction for what will be the scent of the year.


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Here at Heyland and Whittle, 2018 was definitely the year of Clementine and Prosecco. Our customers couldn’t get enough of the candles, reed diffusers and room sachets in this fresh and zesty scent.

If you were among those who enjoyed this delicious pairing, you’ll be excited to hear that a new product is due to join the range in 2019. Hint: you’ll be able to match your own fragrance to the smell of your home. Watch this space, as it’s due to launch in March and we hope you’re as pleased with it as we are.

Take a look at what 2018 brought for Heyland and Whittle, as well as the exciting product launches scheduled for the year ahead.

As part of the 15-year anniversary celebrations, we also decided to bring back one of founder Ursula Heyland’s favourite scents. Many of you had missed Olive and Fig when it was discontinued, but now it’s back for good and you can stock up on the products that transport you to the Mediterranean whenever you need to.


So, looking forward to 2019, we’re going to make a tentative prediction that Amber Oakmoss will be the fragrance you’ll all go wild for. The amber mellows out the earthiness of the oakmoss, giving it a perfect balance of sweet and sensual aromas.

While you can currently purchase the Amber Oakmoss Candle in a Glass and this touch of the great outdoors in a Reed Diffuser, there are plans to expand the range in 2019. This is great news if you’ve already fallen for this tempting combination.

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When it comes to what’s new this year, there’s some fantastic products to look forward to. Fellas will be wanting to try out the items in the Men’s Collection, which includes everything from a Charcoal Beard Bar to Men’s Luxury 3 in 1 Wash. You’ll spot the scent of Amber Oakmoss in that one.

Since 2019 is going to be a bumper year for product launches at Heyland and Whittle, you can expect three new fragrances to make their debut. There will be no fewer than six new Shea Bath Melts; eight Hand and Body Combined Washes and Lotions; and two Organic Bars in scents you haven’t experienced them in before.

It’s safe to say that we’re pretty excited about 2019 and we hope that you will be too. Shop your favourite Heyland and Whittle products, as well as the new arrivals, here.