All change at Heyland & Whittle: Catch-up with Ursula Heyland

All change at Heyland & Whittle: Catch-up with Ursula Heyland

It's certainly been a busy few months here at Heyland & Whittle. Many of our products have undergone a major revamp, we've launched new collections and, to top it all off, Christmas is coming and we've been busy preparing goodies for the festive season too!

In a rare quiet few minutes, we managed to find some time to catch up with Ursula Heyland, one half of the husband and wife team behind the brand.

It's been a busy few months of change at Heyland & Whittle. What's been the most fun to work on?

"In the past nine months, we've gone through the biggest changes since we started the Heyland & Whittle brand, which has been incredibly exciting.

"We started by deciding to give our soap bars a refresh and treat our customers to slightly bigger bars to give them more for their money, as well as redesigning the packaging to give it a new fresher feel. The result is a collection of contemporary but very different illustrative patterns that have injected a new breath of life into our old-time favourite soap fragrances.

"After we finished revamping the soap bars, it's been a whirlwind of new designs across the range and we're so happy with the results. We've given our Home collection a new look with patterned boxes, contemporary descriptions and a few new fragrances, while our new Gold Classic range features larger reed diffusers, luxurious gold-foiled packaging and beautiful unique bottles that have been sprayed and etched so each one looks simply lovely in your home.

"Despite all the changes, we still manufacture exclusively in the UK using natural ingredients, although we do now source these from further across the world to bring you the very best.

"We just hope you love everything as much as we do!"

There's a few new fragrances in the Gold Classic collection - which are you most excited about?

"Paddy (Mr Heyland) and I are particularly excited and the new Lily & Ylang Ylang fragrance, which is deep, sensuous and classy. It's a layered floral scent so is quite heady, but it's absolutely gorgeous.

"Lots of our fragrances are centred around citrus and florals, so another new one that we're really pleased with is Sandalwood & Oud, which is a lot more earthy than many of our other scents. It's the perfect winter fragrance really, with warm-feeling, sophisticated notes that are the perfect cosy accompaniment to an evening relaxing by the fire."

You've also released a new range of body scrubs.

"We have and we're really pleased with them. The body scrubs are available in four of our customers' favourite fragrances, as well as the new Lily & Ylang Ylang scent.

We're really proud of the three fragrances in our Christmas collection this year

"The scrub is a mix of salt granules and bamboo, meaning all the ingredients are 100 per cent natural. They contain no synthetic beads whatsoever, so you don't have to worry about harming the environment with your body scrub.

"After you've washed the salt grains away, your skin will be left feeling plump, clean and gorgeously smooth, especially if you finish off your pamper session with one of our body lotions too."

Which other products do you recommend we should be using to look after our skin this winter?

"Winter can be harsh to our skin, so we should treat ourselves to a handmade cold processed soap packed with olive oil, botanicals from natural herbs and spices and other essential oils.

"Our body and hand creams contain aloe vera and borage oils too, so always use them after showering or washing your hands for the best protection against the cold."

What has Heyland & Whittle got in store for us over the festive season?

"We're really proud of the three fragrances in our Christmas collection this year: Frankincense, Myrrh and Winter Spice, which are all available as reed diffusers and candles.

"They're packaged in beautiful jewel-inspired boxes with stunning gold leaf decoration. These products are so sophisticated and opulent, they'll really add an extra special touch to your home this Christmas.

"We've also added frankincense and myrrh to our range of bath melts and our bath products are now available in gorgeous new gift boxes that include soaps in different shapes and sizes, meaning there's something for everyone."

Which gift from the range would Paddy and yourself most like to receive this Christmas?

"Paddy really loves the Frankincense Reed Diffuser because of its strong, punchy smell.

"My favourite has to be the Winter Spice Gift Set that features a reed diffuser, candle and bar of soap. This fragrance features citrus notes as well as cinnamon, cloves and other winter spices - it really does smell just like Christmas and I can't get enough of it."

Can you give us an insight into what 2018 will hold for Heyland & Whittle?

No, it's a secret! But I can tell you that we have lots more exciting things in store, including a few new product launches, so watch this space!

Keep your eyes peeled for news of new product launches next year. In the meantime, shop our current collection here