Are you a liquid or a solid soap fan?

Are you a liquid or a solid soap fan?

When it comes to soap, we all have a preference. Some of us like nothing better than to work to create gorgeous mountains of soft and moisturising bubbles with a solid bar, while others prefer a good dollop of scented liquid soap. You may even like using both, depending on how you're feeling on a particular day.

Some people decide on the soap they use based on nothing more than the smell and others may be looking for a particular colour to suit their bathroom. Of course, there are those who know exactly what their skin needs so they choose a soap that suits it.

There are a lot of factors that come into choosing your perfect soap, whether it's liquid or solid, and at Heyland and Whittle, we have the right type of product for everyone. From handwash and body wash to traditional soap, you're sure to find just what you're looking for.

To help make your decision even easier, here are a few things you might not know about all of our soaps:

We make everything by hand

Whether you love liquid or solid soap, all of our products are made with care by hand in our factory. 

This means that all ingredients are poured and everything is packaged by hand. Not only does this mean you're supporting a brand that is made in Britain, you also know that we've checked the quality of every single bottle and bar that leaves our factory.

When it comes to soap, we all have a preference

This ensures that you get the same quality every time and can trust us to deliver brilliant soap no matter what.

There are no nasty ingredients

There are always ingredients in the news that aren't necessarily great for your skin or your overall health. Many of these are foaming agents or preservatives that are cheap, which means many companies continue to use them.

However, we want to make sure that every single one of our products is as safe and gentle as possible, which is why we use nothing but the best and safest ingredients in both our liquid and solid soaps.

Our traditional soap bars are made using just natural ingredients, while any extras in our liquid soaps are completely safe, very mild and used in the smallest amounts that we possibly can. This ensures that our products will care for you and your family.

Bars and bottles may look different each time

Because we use so many natural ingredients in all of our soaps, you may find that the colours of bars and bottles of soap look different each time you order. This doesn't mean you're getting a product of a lower quality, it is simply because natural ingredients are not the same every time.

Different things can affect how things grow - such as too much rain or not enough - which can mean that colours are slightly different, especially when it comes to our solid soap bars. If we thought that this affected the quality of the finished product, we wouldn't send it to you.

You can save money by voting

You can stock up on your favourite soap - whether it's solid or liquid - and save some money simply by letting us know whether you prefer liquid or solid soap. Just vote for your favourite and we'll send you a voucher to enjoy some money off on our site.

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