Behind the scenes at Burghley Horse Trials

Behind the scenes at Burghley Horse Trials

Nothing gives us more pleasure here at Heyland & Whittle than having a stand at a show and the next event in our diary is Burghley Horse Trials. We take great pride in setting out our wares and meeting all you lovely people. It’s not our first time at Burghley and we’re confident we know which products you’ll all be getting excited about and taking home with you.

What’s Burghley all about?

Burghley Horse Trials run for three days every year at Burghley House in Lincolnshire. The sixth Marquess of Exeter started the event in 1961 after a similar event was cancelled. The riders compete for a first prize pot of £95,000 and it’s considered one of the highlights of the eventing calendar.

The showground at Burghley Horse Trials

How we prepare for a show like Burghley

You know what it’s like when you get a delivery from Heyland & Whittle and you organise all your new products on the bathroom shelf. It takes a while to get everything looking just right. This is exactly what it’s like for us when we’re setting up the stand, but on a bigger scale. Even though our Reed Diffusers and Bath Melts are beautifully packaged, there’s a lot of pressure to show them off to their best potential. After all, a Heyland & Whittle Soap is not just any soap.

Come and meet Heyland & Whittle at Burghley Horse Trials to experience our new scents and stock up on Hand Cream.

We’re really lucky to have a custom-built stand to make this task a little easier. It’s painted a crisp white to let the products do the talking and the shelves and drawers add extra dimensions to help bring it all to life. Even though we’ve become experts at laying it all out, we still spend time adjusting the details, because we want to get it perfect for you.

What we love about having a stand

Seeing how your faces light up when you smell our products makes all the hard work that goes into creating them worthwhile for us. We love getting to talk to you all one-on-one and finding out how the things you’ve bought in previous years have made a difference to your lives. There’s been tales of Lavender Soap Bars helping customers drift off to sleep, Body Lotion that has cleared up stubborn dry skin and Candles that have made a new house feel like a home. 

Setting up the Heyland & Whittle stand

Helping horse riders keep their hands soft

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about our customers at Burghley it's that you can’t get enough of our Hand Creams. That’s probably not surprising, because horse lovers are out in all weathers, gripping the reins with their hands and breaking the ice on water buckets, which can take its toll. The shea butter and sunflower oil in our Hand Creams will help to keep your hands moisturised whatever you put them through.

Pick an energising fragrance like Greentea & Grapefruit to wake you up for morning duties at the stables or our calming Neroli & Rose. Whichever scent you go for, we recommend popping one of our convenient tubes into the pocket of your yard coat, so it’s always there when you need it. And rest assured, none of our products are tested on animals.

For a sneak peak of the products you’ll be able to peruse at Burghley and to shop the range, click here.