Did you spot H&W on The Apprentice?

Did you spot H&W on The Apprentice?

Last night was the night - our appearance on The Apprentice aired on BBC One at 21:00 - did you get chance to watch it?

We can all heave a sigh of relief that we're not going to give anything away about the programme, which was as top-secret as you might expect for the reality TV show.

However, it was great to see our Sussex headquarters featuring in the section of the programme where the two teams needed to mix together the ingredients. Our very own Dan and Padraig were on hand to gently guide the contestants - not too much, of course! - but they managed to dodge the cameras sufficiently to not appear in the final cut of the programme.

Did you spot a later cameo appearance by one of our Green tea and Grapefruit Reed Diffusers too? It was nestled on a shelf during the section where Roisin's team was selling the finished products to businesses.

Even though we had seen part of the programme being made, it was very interesting to see how everything played out on the television. For example, Sanjay Sood-Smith from Team Summit had a lead role in the factory as he took control of working out all the ingredient measures, yet we barely saw him on camera in this section, or later on in the boardroom.

We did know that this team had made the most impressive products though - so it came as something of a surprise when we learnt that this group not only lost the task, but also saw two members (Nurun Ahmed and Lindsay Booth) get the 'You're fired!' treatment from Lord Sugar.

BBC One's The Apprentice featured Heyland & Whittle last night.

In fact, the only real error they made in the factory was not making the most of their leftover fragrance to create twice as many candles, so the sales negotiations unfortunately let them down in comparison.

Meanwhile, Team Tenacity's Felipe was also singled out as a "real team leader and inspiration" by Padraig, yet he appeared quiet on television, as did Pamela - another team member who had lots of good suggestions. However, Katie was very good about rationalising the errors her group made when we saw her and this also came across on screen, so her portrayal was quite accurate.

Oh, and the candles were just as bright, if not even more colourful in real life as they looked on the programme - it came as quite a surprise to us when they wanted yellow wax too, which meant they needed to pour paraffin wax instead of the natural soy we always use. Paraffin produces soot when it burns, which is why soy would have made for a superior product.

Altogether, it was a very exciting experience to open our doors to The Apprentice and we were glad the BBC's production crews chose us as the basis for the task. Filming certainly kept us on our toes - and we don't think the doors of our factory have been locked so late at night in a long time!

We did wonder one thing after watching the programme though - what on earth did Team Tenacity do with all those leftover yellow candles? Does Sir Alan now have a lifetime's supply for his businesses?

If you missed the programme, you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer here - and if you need any candles with a classic white look and great fragrance, you'll find our range here.