Hard or soft: What’s the difference?

Hard or soft: What's the difference?

Here at H&W, we love soap. We've worked long and hard to bring you some of the best soaps on the market to help care for your skin. This is why we offer you a mix of solid and liquid soap, as we know everyone has a preference.

While you can be happy in the knowledge that every one of our products is made carefully by hand, using nothing but the best ingredients, you might be wondering just how different our various soaps are.

Soap is soap after all, so what is it that makes our liquid and solid varieties different beyond how they look? To help you find your favourite, here's what you need to know about our soaps:

Solid soap

We have two different types of solid soap available at Heyland and Whittle: traditional and triple milled.

Our traditional soap is called this because we make it the old fashioned cold processed way. We mix up several base oils and butters - including cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil and castor seed oil - with essential oils, herbs and spices and flower extracts. 

To this, we add a naturally-occurring alkaline solution, which triggers a reaction to make the ingredients start to thicken. This is then poured into our simple block moulds and left to harden before being turned out in a few days and stored in our soap room to finish ageing. 

The fact that all of these ingredients are natural means that soaps can be different colours depending on the batch, but the quality is always the same. You can also use them on your hands, face and body, so one bar will fulfil all your needs.

Here at H&W, we love soap

When the soap is ready, we cut every block and bar by hand before also packaging it by hand, so you know that a lot of care is taken every step of the way.

Our triple milled organic soap bars feature some of our most popular Classic and Home fragrances. This soap - which is initially made in the same way as traditional soap - is mixed thoroughly, being passed through a milling machine three times to create a super smooth paste. 

This means th e finished product is a hard soap that contains little water, making it last for a really long time while also being incredibly nourishing. You also get a super rich lather and great fragrance.

Liquid soap

We offer you a full range of solid soaps, which includes handwash, foam bath and body wash, ensuring you have a soap for everything. All of them are formulated to be gentle and kind, so they are suitable for all skin types.

Our liquid soaps come in a number of our most popular Classic fragrances, so you can match yours to your favourite candle. They also have beautiful colours, which is due to the natural essential oils and extracts we use to create the fragrances.

Unlike other liquid soaps on the market, we don't use ingredients that have been found to be harsh to skin and potentially damaging to your health. This means that all of our liquid soaps are free from SLS and parabens, among other ingredients we'd rather not use.

Instead, we use gentler alternatives that create a more luxury product that is safe and offers beautiful results. On top of this, we also use natural ingredients like glycerin to offer supreme moisturisation that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

The main difference between our solid and liquid soaps is that you can't use a liquid variety on your face as this requires a different formulation. This means that one bottle can't be used for your whole body like a bar of traditional soap, but it does give you an excuse to fill your bathroom with more beautiful products.

So which do you prefer, hard or soft? Let us know by entering our poll here and we'll give you money off your next H&W purchase