Heyland & Whittle is reducing plastic one parcel at a time

Heyland & Whittle is reducing plastic one parcel at a time

Single-use plastic has become ubiquitous and it’s up to all of us to do our bit to cut down on how much we use, and Heyland & Whittle is no different. That’s why all of our beautiful parcels now come sealed with plastic-free tape.

It may not seem like a big thing, but when you think about the volume of parcels we send out across the UK and to various countries around the world every year, it all adds up. Now, when you crack open your latest delivery from Heyland & Whittle, your smile can be a little bit wider knowing that the tape won’t be around forever.

Plastic-free tape is just one of the ways that Heyland & Whittle is committed to helping the environment. It all starts with our products, which are made with quality, organic ingredients and chock full of fresh scents that will leave you feeling invigorated or calm, energised or relaxed depending on the go-to item you reach for.

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Plastic-free tape is just the latest way that Heyland & Whittle is helping to protect the environment while providing you with the quality products you love.

When you buy a Heyland & Whittle Soap you can rest assured that we only use sustainable palm oil in our recipes. While many people have tried to avoid palm oil altogether, it’s actually an efficient crop, which means alternatives could do more harm than good. Opting for a highly regulated sustainable palm oil minimises its impact on the environment and helps to prevent deforestation.

So, here at Heyland & Whittle we’re doing all we can to protect our beloved planet, but we’re also making it easier for you to do your bit too. You may notice that when you go to pop a Handmade Soap Bar into your online basket there are two options when it comes to packaging. Choose to have it wrapped in paper and cut down on the amount of packaging that’s produced and used.

This is a particularly good idea if the item you’re purchasing is for yourself, as you’ll already know what it is you’ve ordered for your bathroom. Keep this in mind when stocking up on Soaps for autumn, with fragrances like Hemp & Walnut being perfect for this time of year. And to say thank you for considering the environmental impact, we’ll cut 25 pence off your order total for each time you opt for paper-wrapped instead of packaged.

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Another great way to cut down on plastic consumption is to use our Hydrating Shampoo Bar instead of a bottled hair product. Purchase it in a 1.5kg-size and you won’t have to buy shampoo again for a very long time. Your hair, your wallet and the environment will all thank you for it. Cut a piece off to go in the shower and another to put in your luggage when you go on holiday, safe in the knowledge there won’t be any leaks.

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