How Heyland & Whittle makes cold-processed soap in lockdown

How Heyland & Whittle makes cold-processed soap in lockdown

Cold-processed soap is the cornerstone of what we do at Heyland & Whittle. After all, it was with ten tantalising soap recipes that the business was founded. More than 15 years later, we’re still passionate about creating these scented blocks of joy. What’s more, the process has remained pretty much the same and that has allowed us to continue making Handmade Soap throughout lockdown.

The secret to our soap making is two outstanding individuals: Charlie and Greg. This duo is the dream team when it comes to making beautiful bars of soap and lockdown or no lockdown, we rely on them for these wonderful products.

Charlie is our head soap maker and has been at Heyland & Whittle for more than eight years. Assistant soap maker Greg has been with the business for 19 months and is already proficient in the art of soap production. They have both been turning up to work throughout the pandemic and hand making soap for our lovely customers.

Charlie and Greg

Socially distanced soap

Heyland & Whittle continues to make its signature cold-processed soap during lockdown. So, how have the team had to adapt their processes during the epidemic?

The process of making soap at Heyland & Whittle lends itself to social distancing, as it is made in small batches by the team. The staff take it in turns to create the soap, which is usually on a Thursday and Friday. The rest of the working week is spent prepping the soap room and cutting the soap into blocks. Current demand for our soap is so high that we’re thinking of upping production to three days a week, but rest assured this will not affect the quality of the final product.

Here at Heyland & Whittle, we can’t stand mess, so have always run an immaculately clean space, so there’s no change there. One thing that is different is the need for plastic gloves and face masks, as well as the protective soap aprons and hard shoes that are our usual workwear. There are fewer staff in the building to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and we’re lucky to have a nice outdoor space where we can eat lunch in the sunshine, two metres apart.

Citrus fruits

Photo credit: Unsplash/Edgar Castrejon

Uplifting scents in a turbulent time

Everyone who works at Heyland & Whittle has their own personal favourite fragrance, with lavender being calming for some and mint refreshing for others. But for the soap makers, it’s the use of citrus essential oils that really helps to uplift their spirits - and we could all do with a bit of that right now.

To shop the range of delicious soaps that Charlie and Greg are continuing to make throughout lockdown, click here.