How Heyland & Whittle prepares for Christmas

How Heyland & Whittle prepares for Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and nowhere is that more true than at Heyland & Whittle. There’s something really special about working in a place that plays such an active role in people’s celebrations and the gifts they receive. With that in mind, we decided to find out more from founder Ursula Heyland herself.

What’s the best thing about working at Heyland & Whittle in the run-up to Christmas?

It’s a very long run-up to Christmas here at Heyland & Whittle, as we’ve been working on the Festive Collection for months. What’s great about December being nearly here is that we’re shipping lots of these items out to our customers now and getting plenty of positive feedback. The forest green, mauve and maroon packaging, accented with white and gold makes much more sense now than it did back in July! I just love seeing you all reacting to these beautiful sets.


Photo credit: Unsplash/Dele Oke

How many parcels do you expect to send out in December?

December is our busiest time of the year, but we know that and are fully prepared. There will be more than 1,000 orders placed online before Christmas and we’ll be lovingly packaging them all up and getting them sent out to you before December 25th. On top of those, we’ll be shipping around 1,200 wholesale orders to stock the wonderful shops that do a great job of selling our products. Finally, we put together seven show rigs for the pop-up events that we attend. Phew - thinking about the numbers is a bit dizzying, but we’re so grateful to have such demand for our Soaps, Candles and Diffusers.

Does the Heyland & Whittle office feel festive?

Ursula Heyland offers a glimpse into the world of Heyland & Whittle at the most magical time of year.

Oh yes! We couldn’t push ourselves to ensure all of your Christmas bits and bobs arrive on time if we didn’t get into the festive spirit ourselves. We put the trees and lights up promptly on December 1st to turn our little corner of Sussex into a winter wonderland. It’s amazing how these decorations help to spur us along and focus us on performing Christmas miracles. Then, lots of treats start coming into the office - we’ve got some great home bakers on the team.

Decorated Christmas biscuits

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What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

I love the period after Christmas and before New Year, when it’s just Paddy and I together. The business takes a well-earned break after the Christmas rush and all the family have gone home. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on everything we’ve achieved this year and during our time together. It’s those quiet moments that allow us to appreciate how much joy we get from having such a full and busy schedule, and knowing that many of you opened Heyland & Whittle gifts on Christmas morning.

When’s the last day to place an order with Heyland & Whittle for Christmas?

Make sure you order by midday on Thursday December 19th to ensure your presents arrive in time for Christmas. We’d hate anybody to be disappointed, so urge you all to get organised with your gift lists as soon as possible.

Shop the Heyland & Whittle collection for Christmas joy here.