H&W Christmas gift guide

H&W Christmas gift guide

Christmas is just around the corner, whether we're ready for it or not. This means it's time to start thinking about what gifts you should get for your loved ones to open on December 25th.

No matter the budget or your friends' and family's tastes, at Heyland and Whittle we've got the perfect gift for everyone on your list - so long as they've been nice this year! To help you get ahead with your Christmas shopping, here's our handy gift guide:

Under £10

If you're shopping with a tight budget or are looking for a few small things to fill those stockings up with, you can still give the gift of luxury this Christmas.

As well as standard bars of our solid soaps, which are a great gift for anyone you need to buy for, we have a lovely selection of gifts for less than £10

This includes great little sets like our Bath Melts in a Bag. This includes three hand-rolled shea butter bath melts in rose, marigold and cornflower fragrances. These are the perfect choice for those who love a good soak and need an excuse to relax.

You can also treat someone to our exfoliating and nourishing Exfoliating Sisal Bag. This is a great sisal bag filled with a mix of traditional solid soap cut into small pieces. Once the bag is wet, the sisal softens and the soap foams, offering you a deep clean and leaving skin feeling fabulous.

Up to £30

For those who want to treat their loved ones by spending a little bit more, you'll find plenty of options for up to £30

One of our best sellers, which is ideal for those who can't make up their mind as to which of our soaps is their favourite, is our Medium Soaps Gift Box. This pretty box comes with pieces of our ten traditional soaps, ensuring your loved one can try them all.

At H&W we've got the perfect gift for everyone

If someone on your shopping list is a big fan of home fragrance, you could treat them to something like our Ceramic Oil Burner Orange Spice Gift Set.

This set includes our lovely and elegant oil burner with a bottle of Orange Spice fragrance oil, which is the perfect scent for the festive season. They just need to pop a few drops in the top of the burner with some water, light a tea light and enjoy the warm and welcoming aroma. What better way to relax on Boxing Day?

The set also comes in our popular Wild Lemongrass fragrance, which is perfect if your loved one prefers a fresh and bright scent.

Over £30

For those who deserve something truly special on Christmas Day, have a look at our over £30 range. This is full of gifts that feature several of our beautiful products, ensuring your loved ones can have a proper pamper.

Something like our Neroli and Rose Foam Bath, Bath Melts and Soap Gift Box will make a lovely gift. This comes in a beautiful box and includes a large bottle of foam bath, two traditional soaps and four bath melts, meaning it is a lovely gift designed just for relaxing.

For an even more diverse range of Heyland and Whittle products, you can't beat one of our new hampers. These come in three sizes, all of which include home fragrance and beauty products in our most popular fragrances.

You can treat those on your list to a mix of candles, reed diffusers, solid soap, lotions, liquid soap and bath melts, all of which are packed up in a cute basket and ribbon. This saves you the hassle of having to package them up and is sure to put a smile on people's faces.

By fragrance

If you know that someone you are buying for has a favourite Heyland and Whittle scent, you can also shop by fragrance. This will allow you to see everything that is available in their favourite fragrance to either choose the right gift set or pick out a few products that you know they'll love.

Whoever you're buying for this Christmas, we've got you covered.