H&W is going to be on TV – exciting news

H&W is going to be on TV - exciting news

We always keep you in the loop here at Heyland & Whittle when it comes to new developments here at our friendly Sussex factory, as you know from our regular product launches.

However, we need to confess something - we have been guarding a big secret from you over these past few months. Thankfully, it's almost ready to be revealed, which means we can finally relax again and not have to worry about letting the cat out of the bag.

What is it? Well, this is something that will interest the TV-viewing public as well as our loyal customers - and the eagle-eyed among you might even have spotted a big clue already, without even realising it.

A very popular TV programme recently returned to BBC One to be screened each Wednesday night and we can tell you that we welcomed its film crews through our doors this summer so that they could tape an episode using our facilities.

We welcomed film crews for a very popular BBC programme through our doors this summer - and the results air this week.

Indeed, a trailer is already popping up in the BBC schedule that mentions 'candle-stick makers' and the actual programme will be coming to your screens on October 22nd.

We can't tell you any more details as we have been sworn to secrecy - but we will say that it's a fly-on-the-wall programme, it has a very hummable theme tune - and its 'main character' is famous for his belligerence.

Keep an eye open for the teaser trailer and then see if you can work out what's afoot - then try to spot our very own Dan and Padraig on your screens as the programme unfolds.

We hope you can forgive us for being so clandestine (you're probably half-expecting us to tell you that this message will self-destruct in ten seconds) and do let us know when you spot H&W enjoying our 15 minutes of fame...