Love Heyland & Whittle? Become an Ambassador for H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops!

Love Heyland & Whittle? Become an Ambassador for H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops!

We've got a very exciting announcement for lovers of all things Heyland & Whittle! Fans of our handmade Soap Bars and gorgeous home fragrance products are being given the opportunity to run their very own H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops for the first time ever.

H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops will give people who are passionate about our brand the chance to earn commission and, in some cases, store credit, for spreading the word about our products among their family and friends, selling them as they go.

The venture will be headed up by Jeremy Whittle, brother of Heyland & Whittle co-founder Ursula. We caught up with him to find out exactly how you can get involved with this exciting new venture.

How can people get involved with H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops?

"To begin with, there will be two main ways that people can get involved. We're looking for people who love Heyland & Whittle products and who are passionate about the brand to become a Brand Ambassador for H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops.

"Brand Ambassadors will purchase a starter pack for either £120, £195 or £250 - to get started with their own pop-up shops, but they'll be given access to a mobile phone app that'll act as a product catalogue. Ambassadors will also receive a card reader to link to the app, meaning they'll be able to sell absolutely anything from the Heyland & Whittle range, with a few samples to tempt family and friends.

We're looking for people who love Heyland & Whittle products

"Brand Ambassador-lites will receive a H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops starter pack for £37, featuring a catalogue, a few Heyland & Whittle products and a complete set of sniff pots containing wax fragrance samples so they can showcase the different fragrances available.

"Ambassador-lites will have an online store account with us, and for every order worth over £65 that they secure, they'll receive 10% of store credit. It's the perfect option for people who don't necessarily want their own home-based business, but still want to share the Heyland & Whittle love. Thanks to the power of modern technology, you can essentially be your own pop-up shop!"

Where can people run their home-based businesses from?

"As I like to say, we'll put a luxury home-based business in your bag, literally! Ambassadors will be able to embody their pop-up shops absolutely anywhere; as long as they have their card reader and phone app to hand, whether that's round at their mums or travelling on a plane."

Doesn't having a business in a bag sound a little heavy?

"The great thing about this is that our Brand Ambassadors won't need to buy or carry around stock, as everything will be done online, so it's literally a business in your bag for as little as £120. The Heyland & Whittle factory in Crawley, West Sussex will look after all of the product packing, so you won't need to worry about any of that."

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