More new things! H&W London range

More new things! H&W London range

As if we weren't spoiling you all enough already with our new Christmas range, we've whipped up even more new products for you! In fact, we've got a whole new range that features five stunning scents we think you're going to love.

Our H&W London collection is all about the wonderful mix of cultures and history you'll find in the capital. It includes vibrant and energising scents that we think help to sum up London and all the fun that you can have there.

The five main fragrances of the collection are all based on things that we believe sum up London and focus on three things we think the capital embodies: Fun, Love and Vibe. We've developed this range so there is something for every taste and every mood, just like the experiences that London offers. This means that the range really does have everything you need to scent your home no matter the season.

To help you find the perfect H&W London fragrance for you, here are the five fragrances that you can get candles and reed diffusers in:

Prosecco and Mandarin

Fans of our Clementine and Prosecco fragrance are going to love this new scent, as it combines gorgeous citrus notes with sparkling wine for a sweet, fruity and bubbly blend. The fun fragrance is perfect for conjuring up a party atmosphere and will soon have you celebrating how amazing your home smells.

If you love a good night out on London town - or a glass of prosecco while relaxing at home - this is definitely the scent for you. You can get it in paraffin candles, which burn for approximately 40 hours, and 100ml reed diffusers that will last for around three months.

Sparkling Rose

Another scent inspired by one of our favourite cheeky tipples and the bar scene in the capital is Sparkling Rose. This fragrance features fruity notes in the form of red berries, adding a bright summery touch. Combined with sweet rose for a slightly floral edge, the result is full-bodied, fun and energising. 

As if we weren't spoiling you all enough already

This is definitely the scent for you if you're a fan of trendy wine bars and sunny summer evenings.


One thing we love about London is the variety of cultures, with people from every country calling it home. This is why we couldn't resist adding a touch of Italian influence to our H&W London range in the form of our stunning Limoncello fragrance. 

Bursting with sweet and fresh lemons, this scent will wake you up and leave you ready for anything. The cool and decadent notes are perfect for everyday and will help to freshen your home, whether you enjoy the fragrance in candle or reed diffuser form.

Vanilla Cappuccino 

We're pretty sure that London runs on caffeine, which is probably why you'll find a cafe or trendy coffee shop on every corner. This is why we needed to feature a delicious coffee scent in our new range. 

This coffee fix will leave you ready to seize the day with its rich espresso scent. It's combined with a buttery swirl of vanilla to add a hint of sweetness and to mirror the fancy cups of caffeine you'll find throughout the capital. If you can't get through the day without a cup of coffee or six, this is the scent of London you need in your home.

Fine English Tea

You can't really have a range that is based on the capital of the UK without including a British staple. Our Fine English Tea scent is everything you could possibly want from a cuppa, combining aromatic notes with a touch of sweet citrus for an invigorating and sophisticated scent.

If there was ever a fragrance that really summed up London, we're pretty sure that this is it.

Embrace the spirit of the capital and shop our new H&W London range here