New scentsational Candle in a Can range!

New scentsational Candle in a Can range!

The arrival of June means summer is very nearly here, and what better way to embrace the season than with some gorgeous new scents? We've just unveiled our latest range of candles featuring fragrances inspired by some of the best fruit and vegetables you can find this season.
Our latest range includes eight brand new scents, from sweet to fruity and even savoury, ensuring there is something for everyone. But the fragrances aren't the only things that are new, we've also got a totally different look for you to enjoy.
Rather than being in tins or glasses, these candles are actually in cans so they look ready to pick off the supermarket shelf! We've even designed beautifully colourful labels that are lots of fun while being smart enough for any room in your home. 
As if all of this isn't enough, we've improved our wax recipe so each 250g candle can burn for up to 45 hours, giving you plenty of evenings of beautiful light and fragrance. 
So what scents can you choose from with our new candle in a can range? 


Get whisked away to a tropical location with our beautifully sweet and fruity Pineapple candle. We've packed in the real fragrance of freshly sliced pineapple to create a refreshing scent that is sure to make your mouth water. The only thing that could make this candle even better is having a pina colada to hand while you enjoy it!

Garden Pea

If there was a fragrance that could be described as smelling green, our Garden Pea would be it. This candle smells just like just-picked peas, adding a touch of summer to your home no matter the season. It's ideal if you aren't a fan of sweeter scents and will ensure your home is scented with a wonderful freshness. 

Coconut Milk

Another wonderfully tropical scent in the new collection will have you transported to a white sandy beach on a distant island the minute you light it. Our Coconut Milk candle smells just like a freshly cracked coconut, with a rich and smooth scent that has a hint of sweetness. We definitely think it smells better than other coconut milk you find in a can.


Nothing livens up your home more than the smell of sweet citrus, which is why our Mandarin candle is sure to be a winner. Featuring a beautiful combination of uplifting orange blossom and juicy mandarin, this fragrance will help put you in a great mood even when the British summer fails to bring sunshine!

Tomato and Herb

We've just unveiled our latest range of candles!

The UK is known for growing great tomatoes in summer, so we couldn't resist featuring them in a new candle. We've combined the slightly fruity and fresh smell of newly-grown tomatoes with earthy basil to create a wonderful fragrance with a difference. With just the right amount of sweetness, this savoury candle is definitely one you need to try.

Vanilla Custard

Okay, so you can't grow vanilla custard in your garden, but you can enjoy eating it while sitting in the garden and that's good enough for us! There is just one word to describe our Vanilla Custard candle - delicious! Smelling like warm vanilla custard just like your mum used to make, this is the candle for those with a sweet tooth. You could even light it alongside some of the fruity fragrances to create a mouth-watering combination.


Is there anything that says British summertime more than strawberries? These iconic fruits are a big part of food and gardening once summer arrives, and now you can enjoy their fragrance all year round with our beautiful Strawberry candle. Smelling like a strawberry you've just bitten into, this succulently sweet and fruity fragrance is always perfect.

Black Olive

Our final new scent is another wonderfully savoury one that will conjure up images of the Mediterranean and make you feel like you're sitting on a whitewashed balcony in the sunshine. Our Black Olive fragrance features the warm and peppery scent of fresh olives that is fresh and enticing.

To add a touch of new fragrance to our home, shop our full Candle in a Can range here