Our reed diffusers and limonene: Why you shouldn’t be worried

Our reed diffusers and limonene: Why you shouldn't be worried

Limonene is still very much in the news recently following the research conducted by BBC's 'Trust me I'm a Doctor'. 

The research suggested that home fragrances - such as reed diffusers - and scented candles could be damaging to your health, which isn't exactly the case.

It has also led to a few people asking us about limonene in our reed diffusers - you can find out about limonene in our candles here - and whether they should stop using them.

These concerns have been caused by the fact that limonene reacts with ozone to create formaldehyde. This chemical can impact human health, but only in large amounts. 

However, the programme failed to mention that the highest level of formaldehyde that the found in a property included in the research - only three homes were measured for this - was still safely below the lowest safety for formaldehyde as set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

There were also no baseline control measurements made for the chemical before scented candles and home fragrance were used, which means that we have no idea whether the levels were affected at all. 

The limonene in our products is a result of the natural citrus essential oils we use

As formaldehyde can be emitted by your furniture, carpets and other things in your home, it could be that the findings were completely average.

Our reed diffusers - and other fragrance products - do indeed contain limonene, however, the amounts are so low that they will not contribute to a change in the levels of formaldehyde found in your home. 

The limonene in our products is a result of the natural citrus essential oils we use, as all citrus fruits naturally contain the substance. It is not possible to use these essential oils in the diffuser fragrances without limonene also being present.

Because the limonene in our products is naturally occurring and is not synthetic - the substance can be simulated and this is commonly used in cleaning or cheaper home fragrance products - it is not going to affect your health.

Ultimately, this means that there is no need to stop using your reed diffusers if you are concerned about limonene. In fact, you can carry on using all of our home fragrance products - including candles and room mists - without worrying. 

All home fragrance products are also required to meet with very strict standards to ensure your safety, so you know that our products are safe.

You can shop our full range of reed diffusers here and enjoy their effects without having to worry about limonene.