Putting the Whittle in Heyland & Whittle, and a home-based business in your bag: Meet Jeremy Whittle

Putting the Whittle in Heyland & Whittle, and a home-based business in your bag: Meet Jeremy Whittle

Meet Jeremy Whittle; brother of Ursula Heyland (nee Whittle), who is one half of the husband-and-wife team behind the Heyland & Whittle brand, and the man who can - quite literally - put a home-based business in your bag for as little as £120.

Jeremy has been involved with Heyland & Whittle offering guidance since the brand's early days, but now he has taken the helm of the newly launched H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops venture, which will work in harmony with "the mothership", as he puts it.

We managed to catch a few moments with Jeremy in the launch week itself to find out a little bit about his career history and what's brought him to this new venture.

Launching H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops must be an incredibly exciting time for you! What jobs have you done before taking the helm of this new venture?

"I began my career working with young people in care, and studied at the University of Derby to become a youth worker. As part of this, I undertook a placement at the Home Office, which eventually led to me working for the Ministry of Justice for ten years.

"From there, I moved into business consultancy, studying to be a business coach. As the brother of Ursula Heyland (nee Whittle), one of the founders of Heyland & Whittle, I've been involved with the business for the last four years from that side, helping with the business plan, mission, strategy and vision."

Where did the idea for H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops come from?

"We're currently undergoing a retail revolution in this country. We've all seen the big high street brand struggling, and this is something I've been carefully watching for a number of years.

"Around three years ago, I accompanied the Heyland & Whittle team to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time, where visitors are able to use Heyland & Whittle products in the loos. Everyone comes out of the bathroom smelling beautifully of our fragrances and wanting to buy their own products to take home.

Put a home-based business in your bag for as little as £120

"Seeing customers' reactions got me thinking; what better experience is there to give people than the chance to try products before they buy them, and I realised it would be a great way to diversify the business."

So, what's the concept behind H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops?

"In a nutshell, people who are passionate about the Heyland & Whittle brand will be able to sign up to become a Brand Ambassador, and run home events where they will be able to showcase our products to their friends and family.

"H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops will work in partnership with our mothership Heyland & Whittle, so it'll be a real family affair - both of my children have worked for the brand in the past too!

"We'll be combining direct, market and social selling as part of the new business, and you'll see on social media that we'll be much more focused on recruitment, training and coaching people to set up their own home businesses, so we'll be operating quite separately."

How will you provide support to Ambassadors and Ambassador-lites?

"With my business training and coaching experience, I'll be there to hold the hands of our Ambassadors through every stage of their journey to running their own home-based businesses, from their application to their orientation, assist in connecting their phone to the card reader, educating them on the products and providing them with ongoing training packages."

It certainly sounds as though Jeremy will be taking a hands-on role in the development of H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops, and you can too.

Find out more information about how to get involved with H&W Mini Pop-Up Shops here