Should you invest in a soap brick?

Should you invest in a soap brick?

If you've used our traditional soap bars before, you know how different they are from your typical high street soap varieties. Each bar of soap we sell is made and cut by hand, so you know you're getting the best possible quality.

We also make use of beautiful natural ingredients, which results in a super soft lather, wonderful fragrances and great results for your skin. We mix up a range of base oils - which include coconut, sustainable palm, olive, and castor seed oil, along with cocoa butter - with natural colourings and essential oils to deliver the best quality product that is suitable for hands, body and face.

Once you've found the perfect soap for you, whether this means you love the fragrance or get the best results, it can be hard to judge when you need to invest in a new bar. This can mean that you end up without your favourite soap, which can play havoc with your skin.

Rather than buying individual bars as and when you need them, it could be the best option for you to order one of our soap bricks.

Our soap bricks cut down on packaging and postage

Each of our smaller bars of soap begins life as a soap brick before we cut them down and package them up. This means that one brick is the equivalent of 14 smaller bars of soap, which will keep you going for a lot longer than individual bars would. 

In fact, you effectively get four bars for free, as our bricks cost the same as ten 95g bars of soap, saving you money and giving you more product. It also cuts down on packaging and postage, saving waste and meaning you spend less time waiting for the postman.

Once you have your soap brick, you can simply cut it down to handy bars, personalising the size of them if you want a big chunk of soap or something easier to handle. The rest of your soap brick can be stored somewhere dry until you need another slice.

You don't need to worry about the brick drying out either, as it still retains its quality and actually gets better with age. Even if it seems to have gone dry, you'll find that it still foams up beautifully - in fact, it will foam up better - and delivers the same results.

Of course, you might want to pick up a soap brick if you're getting gifts for several people or want to use soap as favours for a wedding or party. You can cut it up as small as you want and use ribbons or bags to make it look extra pretty, providing the perfect personalised gift that everyone is sure to love. 

Save money and stock up on your favourite soap by investing in one of our soap bricks today