‘Tis the season to get gifting: New Christmas gifts

'Tis the season to get gifting: New Christmas gifts

Some of you may already be looking forward to Christmas while others may be doing all they can not to think about the festive season until at least November. Whichever camp you fall into, you can't deny that it pays to be prepared.

Leaving your Christmas shopping too late can mean you can't get what you wanted to, you end up paying more and you're a slave to Christmas post, which we all know can be a nightmare. 

This is why we've already started putting together some new and exciting gift sets for the celebration. As well as our range of presents you can get all year round, we've whipped up a few other offerings that feature new packaging designs and - most importantly - brand new fragrances.

Our three new festive scents are Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh - which you can learn more about here - and all look as good as they smell. To help you start your Christmas shopping early, here are some of the new gifts you'll be able to buy from October 1st:

Festive soap stack

One of our most popular products is our soap. Made with a number of natural oils and mixed with high-quality essential oils, our soaps are suitable for all skin types, offering beautiful fragrance and nourishing care.

You can expect this of our Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh soaps too, which will be available in a pretty stack gift that is the ideal stocking stuffer. As well as featuring our new fragrances, the soaps are made using saponified oil, castor seed oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil and sweet almond oil. 

This results in a wonderfully soft lather that leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised - perfect for the cold winter season. As with all our other traditional soaps, the soaps in this gift will also be suitable for skin, hands and face. 

Soap and melts

There's nothing better than a good long soak in a hot bath when the weather outside is frightful, which is why we've put together the perfect little present for those who love nothing more than to relax in the tub. 

Leaving your Christmas shopping too late can mean you can't get what you wanted to

Our soap and bath melt bag comes with two of our luxurious shea butter bath melts, which are perfect for all skin types, and a small soap bar - complete with decorative flower. The melts are perfect for adding beautiful fragrance to your bath water, while the shea butter creates soft water and leaves your skin feeling supremely moisturised.

This is definitely a great gift to treat someone to this Christmas.

Festive votive

If you or someone you know loves home fragrance, our festive votive gift set is the perfect choice. The set contains a mini reed diffuser, votive candle and bar of soap, allowing you to enjoy one of our new scents all day long, as well as the warm fragrance of a lit candle in the evening.

This is the ideal choice if you aren't entirely sure which of the new fragrances to buy someone, as each product in the set features a different scent, allowing them to try out all of them. 

It also comes in a beautiful gold embossed box, which is sure to impress them when they unwrap it on Christmas morning.

Small pamper set

While our bath melt set is a touch of indulgence, our small pamper set is ideal if you want to give someone a proper pamper this Christmas. It has everything they could want for a good bath and a relaxing atmosphere, which could help them chill out after the stress of getting ready for the festive season.

With a votive candle, large bar of soap and a shea butter fairy cake, they'll soon be soaking in a warm bath with flickering candlelight and stunning fragrance. They're sure to thank you when they get this gift - if they can resist running the bath long enough to.

Soap fan

Of course, fans of all our traditional soaps may want to try more than just our new ones, which is why we have a small soap gift, featuring 11 of our wonderful handmade soaps. Each of them is cut to the perfect size, providing a mix of scents for people to choose from depending on their mood.

All of the soaps are suitable for face, hands and body, offering a wonderful lather and gentle cleansing.

To find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, shop our range here