We’re spoiling you! New H&W London products

We're spoiling you! New H&W London products

We just can't stop giving you new products to try! As if our Christmas fragrances and new H&W London candles and reed diffusers weren't enough, we've got more great products in this new range for you to try.

You can now add the energy and vibrancy of London to your bathroom with our three new scents, which are available in handwash and lotion. 

Our H&W London range is all about capturing the essence of this great city, combining the different cultures and activities that make the capital so spectacular. We believe we've done this with our five scents available in candles and reed diffusers - which you can read about here - as well as our three skincare fragrances. 

These handwashes and lotions use the same great ingredients as our other skincare products, ensuring you get brilliant results, stunning fragrances and super soft skin. 

Chock full of almond oil and glycerin, the hand lotions will moisturise deeply, while our soft and gentle washes will remove dirt while still being good to your skin.

But which of our new London-inspired scents is right for your bathroom? Here's what you need to know about Decadent, Energise and Natural Harmony:


There's no denying that one of the most recognisable aspects of London is its energy. The city is always buzzing with life, no matter what day or time it is, sweeping you up and ensuring you feel awake and totally charged.

Our H&W London range is all about capturing the essence of this great city

We've done our best to bottle this feeling with our Energise products, which are designed to invigorate you and uplift your mood no matter if it's morning or night. With sharp and fresh citrus notes of orange and lemon combined with warming clove and ginger, even a little bit will go a long way to helping wash away those cobwebs.

Whether you're tired after a long day or need an extra boost to help you get up and go, this is definitely the scent for you.


London isn't just all about high-energy pursuits and busy crowds, there are plenty of ways to get lost and relaxed in the big city. From spas to Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels, there are so many wonderfully decadent places to explore.

This is what inspire our Decadent fragrance, which is all about being indulgent and enjoying a bit of a pamper. With scents chosen to help you unwind, Decadent will help you feel relaxed and restored.

We've combined jasmine, rose and violet for a subtle, floral scent that will help calm both mind and body. Also featuring a rich layer of creamy vanilla, this fragrance really makes the most of everything we associate with relaxation. What better way to help you unwind on a daily basis?

Natural Harmony

Every part of London works together perfectly, with the business areas, shops and green spaces all having a great harmony. This is even more apparent when you take a stroll through one of London's beautiful parks, which offer the peace of nature in the middle of a bustling city.

Our Natural Harmony fragrance is all about how nature works so well within London, with the scent including beautiful tropical fruits. These sweet notes are sharpened with a dash of citrus, adding great body to the fragrance and reminding you of some of the beautiful natural spaces throughout London.

Whichever scent represents your London, find it in our brand new collection. Shop it here