What does Heyland & Whittle have in store for 2018? Interview with Ursula Heyland

What does Heyland & Whittle have in store for 2018? Interview with Ursula Heyland

It's been a couple of months since our last catch-up with Ursula Heyland, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind the Heyland & Whittle brand. And, as always, it's been a busy few months for the company, with a hectic Christmas season, the launch of a brand new collection and more new products in the pipeline.

What have the Heyland & Whittle team been working on over the past few months?

"We've been busy putting together our new Home Solutions collection, which is a range of six functional fragrances to use around the home. They're beautiful smells, but with a purpose, and each one is available as a Candle in a Tin and a Reed Diffuser, as well as a Room Spray. These are a new addition to our product range and we're really excited about them.

"At home, Paddy (Mr Heyland) and I love the Pongone fragrance, which we've both got in our shower rooms, and we've got the Chef's Friend in our kitchen and Sleep Easy in the bedroom. While the other fragrances in the collection all contain an odour neutraliser, Sleep Easy doesn't, as it's designed to induce sleep with soft chamomile and lavender scents. And we think the Whiff Away range will be especially popular with pet lovers!

"We love the packaging of the Home Solutions collection too. The little icons on the packaging for each scent add a sense of fun and inside the lid of each Reed Diffuser is a sweet little tagline and image designed to make you smile."

With so many gorgeous new fragrances, where do you get your inspiration from?

"Our fragrance house supplies us with samples of trend fragrances each season, but Paddy and I love to inject our own passions and personalities into the products too. Our garden is a huge source of inspiration. Our new Sweet Pea & Rose fragrance was inspired by Paddy's fondness of growing sweet peas, which we love to fill our house with every year.

"Possibly the most unusual place we've found inspiration though is our recycling pile. One day, I'd left an empty tin of peas out to be recycled and suddenly thought 'wouldn't that make a lovely idea for a candle?'. This was where our Candles in a Can range was born, as we recreated our favourite fragrances from the kitchen and stored them up inside these beautiful candles that smell exactly like they say on the can. Of course, there's a Garden Pea Candle in a Can in the range as a nod to that initial lightning bolt of inspiration - and it smells just like freshly picked garden peas!"

Spring is finally beginning to arrive. Do you have a favourite scent for the season?

"For me, it has to be Bergamot & Lime. It's sophisticated and fresh with its delicate combination of citrus notes and sharp bergamot, and the gorgeous green packaging is my absolute favourite - it's just perfect for spring."

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Which H&W product do you think would make the perfect gift?

We love the packaging of the Home Solutions collection

"It would have to be anything scented with rose. Whether it's a simple and very affordable Rose Soap Bar or the slightly more extravagant Neroli & Rose Reed Diffuser with its sprayed and etched glass and opulent packaging, you really can't go wrong with rose for Mother's Day.

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"Our box of ten little soaps is also a gorgeous gift that's both personal and timeless."

Could you manage to pick a favourite Heyland & Whittle product for yourself?

"I adore the Body Oils. They're one of the first products Paddy and I ever sold when we started the business, and I still use them every day. You can apply them directly onto the skin as a beautiful moisturiser or add a small capful to your bath for extra relaxation.

"My personal favourite is the Citrus & Lavender Body Oil with its smoky notes, but the Neroli & Rose Body Oil is also lovely. They're both made from a blend of avocado, jojoba and sweet almond oil, which leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth."

It's been a busy start to 2018 already, but what else does H&W have in store for 2018?

"Our visits to the RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows are always a real highlight of the year for us. We love chatting to fellow keen gardeners and showing off our products and everyone is always so lovely and friendly. The customers absolutely love our Gardener's Soap and stiff wooden nail brushes!

"We're also really excited to be launching a few new products in our extremely popular Clementine & Prosecco fragrance. The celebratory prosecco element makes it perfect for just about every occasion and the Reed Diffuser has proved a great success. We'll be launching a bubble bath and hand cream in the same scent later this year, so watch this space."

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