What really makes H&W’s reed diffusers stand out?

What really makes H&W's reed diffusers stand out?

At Heyland and Whittle, not only do we pride ourselves on our stunning range of unique fragrances, we also work hard to ensure the products they feature in are of the best quality. This is why our reed diffusers really do stand out compared to others and why we think they are definitely the best choice.

Each of our reed diffusers - no matter which range you choose - provides beautiful, all-day fragrance that will fill your home wonderfully. This ensures you can make the most of your favourite scent and don't need to keep refreshing it. 

On top of this, there are a few more things that make our reed diffusers a great investment for all home fragrance lovers. 

They're refillable

You don't need to buy an entirely new reed diffuser each time yours runs out, as we sell both the diffuser refills and replacement reeds. This means that you can simply keep using the same bottle - so long as you're sticking to the same fragrance - saving you money in the long-run.

If you do fancy changing up your home fragrance, you can simply pack your empty diffuser bottle away to make room for a new one. This means you simply need to refill it and add new reeds whenever you want to go back to an old favourite. 

This allows you to change your scent with the season or just keep things fresh so you never stop smelling your top Heyland and Whittle scents throughout your home. 

Not flammable

We've changed the formulation of our reed diffusers so they are safer for you. The biggest change is that the fragrance liquid is no longer flammable, which is a big advantage over the majority of other reed diffusers you can buy. 

We pride ourselves on producing a great range of home fragrance products

This means they are generally safer, especially if you are also a fan of using our soy candles as well as reed diffusers. However, the reeds should still be kept away from open flames to avoid any accidents and to keep them in the best possible condition. 

While it is generally best to keep your reed diffusers away from flames to protect the glass containers, this is still a great feature if you're safety conscious. 


As with all of our products, our reed diffusers are handmade and hand packaged at our factory in Crawley. This means that we keep a close on eye on every single item that gets sent out, so you get the best possible quality each and every time.

Every reed diffuser is filled to the right level, the lids are secure, you get the same number of reeds and they all look beautiful in their boxes - making them ideal gifts. If we aren't happy with how a reed diffuser looks, we won't send it out so you know you are getting brilliant quality. 


There's nothing worse than buying a home fragrance product in a scent you love, only to find that it lasts no longer than five minutes. We've formulated our reed diffusers so that each one will last for up to three months, with the refills extending their life even further. 

The reeds will also last for between six and nine months, at which point they should be replaced to ensure your fragrance is being drawn into the air properly. In order to make the most of the scent, you should regularly turn the reeds upside down to renew them, but this is the only thing you'll need to do to keep your diffuser going. 

In order to make your reed diffuser last as long as possible, avoid placing it in your bathroom, as the hot air will draw more of the fragrance out - you can use room mists for a quick burst of fragrance instead. It's also a good idea not to place them too high - such as on top of bookcases - as this can make the fragrance evaporate faster too. 

A lot of choice

We have over 20 different fragrances - including our best-selling Clementine and Prosecco - for you to choose from across three different ranges; Classic, Home and H&W London. This means you're sure to find the right scent for you, no matter what your taste. You can also team your diffuser with a candle in the same scent to ensure you really get to enjoy the fragrance you've chosen.

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