Why H&W don’t use microbeads

Why H&W don't use microbeads

It was announced earlier this year that the UK government was set to go ahead with its ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetics. Many companies use these microbeads in personal care items - everything from face scrubs to toothpaste - because of their abrasive properties and will now have to find alternatives. Heyland and Whittle aren't among them because we have never used plastic microbeads in our products. 

Although some of our Traditional Soaps contain exfoliating properties and we have just released our new range of Luxury Body Scrubs, these are all microbead-free. Instead, we use natural exfoliants that are better for your skin and kinder to the environment.

We've made use of poppy seeds, oats, salt granules and bamboo to gently remove dead skin cells, soften your skin and leave it looking and feeling fabulous. This is because plastic microbeads can cause damage to your complexion, especially with continued, regular use.

Plastic microbeads are often used because they are a cheaper alternative to natural exfoliants, but using them on your body and face isn't good because they are too harsh. When you exfoliate, you need to do so gently so as not to damage your skin. However, no matter how gently you exfoliate with microbeads, they can still result in small tears in your skin.

We have never used plastic microbeads in our products

Not only can these tears allow bacteria to get into your skin, resulting in breakouts and infections, they can leave visible marks over time. Microbeads also stretch your pores, leaving them more open and prone to becoming blocked. Often people scrub more in these instances, but this can actually make the situation worse.

However, it isn't just your skin that microbeads are bad for; they also have a negative effect on the environment, particularly marine life. 

Because microbeads are so small, they often end up bypassing water filtration systems after you've washed them down your sink and end up making it to the sea. They don't break down at all and can be ingested by animals and fish, which in turn can mean they also end up in our bodies. 

While the ban is coming into effect fairly soon, until brands need to remove them from their products, many items containing microbeads are still available, so it's a good idea to check what you're buying. As none of our products contain microbeads at all, you can shop in comfort and enjoy beautiful skin.

For microbead-free exfoliation, explore our range of Luxury Body Scrubs here