Why we still use palm oil in our products

Why we still use palm oil in our products

The last few years have seen a lot of talk surrounding the use of palm oil, with some cosmetics companies starting to steer clear of its use. At Heyland and Whittle, however, we are continuing to use palm oil in our products but are very careful about where it comes from.

Palm oil is a natural substance that has lots of benefits for the skin, including moisturisation. It is used as a base for our traditional soaps and is included in other products in our range. This is because it is not the oil itself that is the problem.

Instead, the issue lies in where palm oil is sourced, as some palm can come from plantations that are actually leading to the destruction of tropical rainforests. This is why we avoid sourcing this beautiful ingredient from nations like Malaysia, as palm is often grown on land that was once home to protected rainforest.

Palm oil is a natural substance that has lots of benefits for the skin, including moisturisation

Rather than going for the cheaper option, which has a detrimental effect on the environment, we source our palm oil from Columbia. This allows us to guarantee that the crops our palm oil is produced from are specially planted to have a low impact on the environment. It also means that we are helping to support communities through better living conditions and by helping them to move away from violence by providing jobs.

Our growers work hard to ensure that the growing and harvesting processes do not obstruct the environment and are fully sustainable. It is also organic, so you know that no potentially-harmful chemicals have been used during the growing processes, ensuring you are getting the best that nature has to offer. 

Every bit of palm oil that goes into our products is certified Organic Sustainable, guaranteeing that it is grown, harvested and processed with care. Not only does this result in what we believe is a superior product, it also ensures that Heyland and Whittle has as small an impact on the environment as possible.

This is all part of our dedication to being a green company. This means you can feel good about buying our products and that you can enjoy stunning skincare with all the benefits of natural ingredients.