Why we use natural colourings in our soap

Why we use natural colourings in our soap

One of our most popular products has to be our traditional soap. These are the products that Heyland and Whittle started out with and have remained a staple part of our range. 

Our soaps also haven't changed since we first started making them, they are still made of natural ingredients, which includes the colourings. We don't use chemical colourings in our products, just as we don't add any other synthetic ingredients.

This guarantees that all of our traditional soaps are completely natural. So why do we make them this way?

Gentle on skin

Chemical colourings can be harsh on people's skin, especially if they are sensitive to synthetics. They can cause a number of problems from mild irritation to rashes and bigger reactions.

We pride ourselves on creating products that are suitable and safe for everyone, choosing gentle ingredients and avoiding those that are known to be problematic, such as parabens. Not only does this result in a superior product, it also means that our traditional soaps are so gentle, they can be used on your hands, body and face.

No staining

Some products that are coloured with strong chemicals and synthetics can actually cause staining. This can happen to your bath or sink, as well as your skin, which isn't ideal. 

We don't use chemical colourings in our products

We've all seen stories in the press about people finding their hands or bodies turn a different colour after using products, but you can rest assured that this won't happen when using Heyland and Whittle. Because our colourings are natural, they won't discolour your bathroom or your skin. 

The only thing you may find is that a strongly coloured soap - such as our Rose Soap, which uses madder root to create its pink colour - may alter the colour of a white soap like our Queen of the Nile if they are kept in the same soap dish. This will only happen where the soaps are touching but won't affect the overall quality or fragrance.

Looks good

We love the colours created by natural ingredients like cayenne, seaweed, madder root and turmeric. They look great and are - in our eyes - more attractive than bright synthetic colours.

These ingredients can mean that different batches of the same soap look a little bit different - they can be lighter or darker depending on the colouring - but we think this is just part of showing that our traditional soaps are natural and, well, traditional.

100% natural

We work hard to source organic and sustainable oils and other ingredients for our soaps, ensuring we know where they come from and that they have the right certifications. We know exactly what goes into each batch because we work with the raw ingredients.

It would be a shame to undermine all this hard work and the beauty of each individual ingredient by adding in synthetic colourings. From the oils and butters we use for the base of our soap to the essential oils that create their beautiful fragrances and cleansing properties, we are proud to say that they are 100% natural. 

Try our beautiful range of traditional soaps for yourself to see what a difference natural ingredients can make.

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