Why we’re proud to be handmade

Why we're proud to be handmade

Not only are all of our products made in the UK, they are also made by hand in our factory. Our dedicated team mix, pour, weigh and cut every single product, from our candles to the smallest bar of soap.

All of our products are also packaged by hand, resulting in an attractive and careful finish that we think perfectly suits what are in the boxes.

This is how we started out and how we mean to go. Not only does it allow us to ensure that the quality of our products is always high, it also means that a lot of care goes into absolutely every part the production process.

You might think that this is a lot of extra hard work that could be achieved by using machines, but it is definitely the way we like it. It also means we are exceptionally proud of everything we sell and that you know the quality is going to be the same each time you buy.

Not only are all of our products made in the UK, they are also made by hand in our factory.

We've also gone through a lot of trial and error with our processes - pouring melting wax neatly is not as easy as it might look! Essentially, we've put a lot of hard work into figuring out the best ways to make the products and package them up to ensure that we can deliver items quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Another reason being handmade works for us is that we keep our products as simple as possible, so making production simple too just fits. We avoid adding anything unnecessary into your products and use natural ingredients as much as possible, meaning they really do embody the ideas of honesty, purity and care.

Hand making everything not only allows us to make sure that nothing ends up in products that shouldn't be there, it also further reflects these ideas that are at the core of our business. 

One of the main reasons we're proud to be handmade is because you love our products that way, so we'll keep making everything by hand.